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Driveway and Pathway Interlock

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When it comes to interlock paving there are two major advantages which are aesthetic appeal and high strength. Interlocking paving has human scale, texture, pattern, and a sense of direction. It is very often used for these reasons alone. Its high quality concrete riding surface also offers superior durability, skid resistance, abrasion and scuffing residence.

Since a stone or concrete interlock paving surface is composed of many small segments separated by fine joints. It combines the virtues of a hard concrete surface with a degree of flexibility. Therefore, cracking of blocks is fairly rare and does not usually affect structural capacity and can be easily repaired. 

On the other hand, compared with asphalt or chip seal surfacing, Interlock pavers are very hard and are highly resistant to damage by heavy concentrated loads. 

In the event of renovation or unexpected repair, interlocking paving blocks can be lifted and relaid. When carefully relaying this can be made without visible discontinuities, colour changes, textural or level differences to indicate where the work has been done. In addition, relaying also does not reduce the structural value of the pavement. Thus little material cost is involved if interlocking paving is opened to permit repair to underground services, or when surface deformations are corrected by lifting or re-leveling of the sub-base, or if the pavement is removed to a new location. It easy to see that Interlock paving is ideal for temporary paving layout. On sites where future traffic loads or ground stability are uncertain, interlocking paving maybe installed with confidence, because subsequent surface deformations may be restored with virtually full utilization of the original paving stones.

About this Process

Interlock paving is a labor intensive task and usually requires several people from the start and end of a project. you can not be too careful when measuring, drawing, planning and selecting the paver of choice. Dambra Construction will be happy to provide guidance though the entire process. 

Typical Process: 

  • Measure 
  • Draw out the design
  • Select Materials 
  • Prep the surface 
  • Install substrate
  • Tamping 
  • Leveling 
  • Laying Interlock Pavers 
  • Cleanup 
  • Sealer

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